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How to Not Get A Divorce or Scream At Your Kids


This blog was inspired by a webinar on presented by Dr. Ellen Littman. ( Being a mom or a wife can be the job from hell, especially if you have ADHD. There’s an explanation. Emotional hypersensitivity. It sounds bad but don’t despair, there is good news coming. I never tell you something dreadful without giving you a way to manage it. But first, let’s deal with reality (aka, the bad news). Of course we all agree that men and women are equal in work, pay, and abilities. However, our bodies are different. Our hormonal systems operate differently. That causes us to think, react, and feel differently. So here’s the scoop. ADHD is different in women, even though men have…

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The Mystery of Imagination and Magical Thinking

Your thoughtsare not reality sunrise

  if you’d rather listen than read… The imagination is a beautiful thing. I love mine. As a creative ADHDer; I see visions, images, and things that other people cannot see. If I don’t create, I get cranky. I’m happiest when the images flow through me and join to create something meaningful. NEGATIVE THINKING I also need to be careful. This same creative imagination can harm me. When it runs wild, the lines between reality and creativity become blurred. That same imagination that I love can take my hand and pull me down a negative path and leave me there, all alone in the darkness.  Negative thoughts run wild and manipulate the mind. Reality becomes distorted. Quickly, that distortion is believable….

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What do you see in this photo?

heart cloud lg

Look at this photo. What do you see? If you have ADHD, you see what others don’t see. You see more. Your creative vision is x-ray vision. You see beyond the surface. Some people see raindrops, you see sparkling reflective circles dancing on your window. Some people see clouds, you see symbolic shapes. Instead of feeling bad that your mind wanders, or that you can’t hear what the person is saying even though he is standing right in fron of you; appreciate your beautiful, creative, wandering mind. People with ADHD always go beyond the surface. They never stay on it. Their active mind is unintentionally searching- visually and mentally- looking for the most interesting, exciting, and colorful thing to entertain…

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