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Latest ADHD News & A Smoking Chimp

Hi Friends! Is that chimpanzee smoking? I didn’t know it when I took the picture.  When I put it on my computer, there he was, smoking away. Well anyway, I hope you’re having a great summer hanging out with your friends, soaking up some sun, and taking vacation time. How has your ADHD, or your loved one’s been lately? Some days can be so stressful and frustrating. That’s why I write to let you know you are not alone. You are important to me. You are the reason I write articles and blog regularly. There is nothing more rewarding in my work than to know I wrote something that made an impact on your life. Thank you for your emails…

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7 Ways to Take Control of Your Mind


  In the last blog, I talked about the benefits of mind control and how we distract ourselves when the negative voice gets too loud. Hopefully by now you are ready to receive the “how-to” steps for silencing that voice and taking back control of your mind. For those of you with ADHD or if you love someone who has it, please understand that ADHD thoughts are longer, stronger and harder to control. The ADHD brain is wired for repetition. Rumination sets in. When that happens, it’s even harder to stop. But don’t give up; it is possible to control. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a negative voice inside his head. It’s part of life. It’s called free will….

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Stop Negative Thoughts- 5 Benefits of Mind Control

girl on mountain

Those nasty negative thoughts. That silent voice in your head. Heart-pounding anxiety. Worried thoughts that morph into frightening scenarios. Terrifying visions stuck in your head that won’t go away. Negative thoughts are unpleasant, scary, and the cause of anxiety. They are also the destructor of a happy life. Now imagine those thoughts- larger, stronger, and louder. That’s what it feels like to someone with ADHD. Every thought is magnified, intensified, and amplified; making it impossible to function, or think of anything and anyone else. No matter what your thought processing (ADHD or not) style is, no one escapes the curse of negative thinking. However, it does have a positive side. (Don’t go away, we’ll get to that soon.) Negative thoughts…

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ADHD, Adam, and Me


 I always wanted to be famous. I dreamt of dancing on Broadway. I practiced the speech I would give when my name was called at the Oscars. That didn’t happen. I found fame on the Internet. In October of 2014, I submitted my weekly article to just as I had for the previous eight months. This time was different. I was traveling internationally (seven hours later than US). That meant I wouldn’t be able to share it on social media the way I usually do. That didn’t seem to matter. It was moving fast, with 120 shares in a few hours. Happy that it was well received, I closed my eyes, smiled, and went to sleep. When I woke…

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Don’t Say You Have ADHD

girl staring_IMG_0742

Unless you are a person with an ADHD brain, it’s hard to believe that ADHD is real. People usually think it’s an excuse or nonsense. If you have ADHD, you remember being the child who stared out the window while the teacher was talking. Or maybe you were clowning around, making jokes with the kid sitting next to you. You sat for hours staring at your homework assignment, but none of it made sense, especially the math problems. You would read the pages in a book over and over again, yet the words didn’t sink in. How is it possible that you can read and have no idea what you just read? You knew you were smart, but only in…

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How to Not Get A Divorce or Scream At Your Kids


This blog was inspired by a webinar on presented by Dr. Ellen Littman. ( Being a mom or a wife can be the job from hell, especially if you have ADHD. There’s an explanation. Emotional hypersensitivity. It sounds bad but don’t despair, there is good news coming. I never tell you something dreadful without giving you a way to manage it. But first, let’s deal with reality (aka, the bad news). Of course, we all agree that men and women are equal in work, pay, and abilities. However, our bodies are different. Our hormonal systems operate differently. That causes us to think, react, and feel differently. So here’s the scoop. ADHD is different in women, even though men have…

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The Mystery of Imagination and Magical Thinking

Your thoughtsare not reality sunrise

  if you’d rather listen than read… The imagination is a beautiful thing. I love mine. As a creative ADHDer; I see visions, images, and things that other people cannot see. If I don’t create, I get cranky. I’m happiest when the images flow through me and join to create something meaningful. NEGATIVE THINKING I also need to be careful. This same creative imagination can harm me. When it runs wild, the lines between reality and creativity become blurred. That same imagination that I love can take my hand and pull me down a negative path and leave me there, all alone in the darkness.  Negative thoughts run wild and manipulate the mind. Reality becomes distorted. Quickly, that distortion is believable….

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What do you see in this photo?

heart cloud lg

Look at this photo. What do you see? If you have ADHD, you see what others don’t see. You see more. Your creative vision is x-ray vision. You see beyond the surface. Some people see raindrops, you see sparkling reflective circles dancing on your window. Some people see clouds, you see symbolic shapes. Instead of feeling bad that your mind wanders, or that you can’t hear what the person is saying even though he is standing right in fron of you; appreciate your beautiful, creative, wandering mind. People with ADHD always go beyond the surface. They never stay on it. Their active mind is unintentionally searching- visually and mentally- looking for the most interesting, exciting, and colorful thing to entertain…

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For my photo-loving, book addicted, paper-piling friends and their loved ones.  


Never underestimate someone else’s mess. What might seem like a pile of junk to you might very well be of great value to someone else. A PHOTO IN A FRAME For me, a photo in a frame isn’t just a picture; it’s a glance at a memory that triggers a nostalgic emotion of sweeter times hoping that they will return soon. Or it’s a look back at sadder times and appreciating how far away they are now. A picture is a prayer. It’s an opportunity to glance at my loved one and give them a blessing- or to visualize them in a better place; both- the living and the lost. What looks like a picture  in a frame to an…

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Treadmill jpg

If you’d like to listen instead of read…. So we’re a few weeks into 2015. How are those resolutions coming along? The trending word for resolutions is “habits.” I personally don’t believe in regularly repeated behavior patterns. It’s against my nature. I see them as forced behaviors- something I’m supposed to be doing because it’s good for me. To me, habits have a negative connotation. One of the aspects of ADHD is that we don’t like to be told what to do. If you have it or love someone who does, you know what I’m talking about. HABITS DON’T WORK When I was a child, I didn’t want to respond to my mother’s commands (early warning signs of ADD?): Brush…

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