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ADHD and errands: Feeling dumb when I know I’m smart


I know I’m smart but sometimes I feel dumb. When I can’t manage the simple mundane tasks that are required for responsible living, I get down on myself. When my article (pre-viral) was posted on Lifehack, I showed it to my husband. After he read it, he asked me, “Where did you get this from, did you research it?” I looked at him surprised and answered, “No, I didn’t have to do much research. That’s me!” That’s what goes on inside my head.”   We’ve been married 22 years. Some of the points he recognized, but most he didn’t. I thought I was more transparent than that. I wrote that article for him… as an explanation, not an excuse. I wrote…

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How comfortable is your comfort zone?

Change is scary. It’s easier to keep things the same, even if they’re not so great. Change means that you have to become uncomfortable. Ugh! Nobody wants that. I know I don’t. Every time I get a new cell phone,  app, or download the latest Mac software, it’s a drama for me. I go through twenty minutes of anxiety before I hit the OK button. Maybe I should just stay uncomfortable, sip a cup of coffee and polish my nails while I wait for my slow-moving computer to make its next move. Sometimes I’m right. That new software messes with my computer making bigger problems. I downloaded Yosemite now I can’t open my photos. Now I have to download something…

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