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The Pause allows you to become the controller your emotions, rather than letting your emotions control you.


The Pause is for you. You might think that you’re the one who always does the work in your relationship. But I will show you that this is for your benefit.


The Pause teaches you to pay attention to yourself, to be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. 

When you practice The Pause you will discover your hidden strengths, take control of your life, improve your relationships, have a more positive outlook, and completely transform the quality of your life.

What readers are saying

I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who not only treats many kids with ADHD, but I also have a husband and daughter with ADHD. In all my years of working, I have never been able to explain to parents what ADHD is like the way you described it. I would be so honored if you would let me print out your article and use it in my practice- to give to parents of ADHD children to help them better understand and support their children.


I have never read anything that was able to put into words how I felt. Never have I seen anything that was looking into my head and my body… I often wondered if I was just broken… and that no one would ever understand. But I was too scared to ask because in the same way I was afraid they would take it away. It almost felt like a super power to me… one that came with a curse… Well anyway I wanted to say thank you. Truly…

Douglas B

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This eBook will change your brain,
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