Realizations-COVER-darkRealizations- My Experiments in Daily Living is an eBook Single about the hidden lessons that occur throughout the day. June’s five experiments are funny and thought-provoking showing life from a different perspective. Mainly that lessons are everywhere if we open our eyes to see them and learn from them.
The 5 Experiments are:
1) The Dishes in the Sink
2) My Big Mouth
3) Anger- The Killer Emotion
4) The Apology and
5) Change.
This not a one-time read, it is a life-lessons book that you will want to come back to often… whenever you need to smile.


“Most striking about the prose here is the PIZAZZ QUALITY. It is so lively, conversational and funny!  So this is self-help with a difference: it really has character, June’s character, obviously. June–her life, her advice–are full of color, warmth and friendliness.” —Carol Bergman, Adjust Associate Professor, NYU, Arts & Humanities, Writing Program