As a result of the positive response I have had from my Kindle Single, REALizatons: My Experiments in Daily Living, I had another realization- I want it to continue and I hope you do too. I am starting the REALizations Project so that we can do this together. There are many important life lessons that await us, if we become aware of the simple events that occur in a day.

Let’s interact and share our stories. How did REALZizations helped you? What happened when you were washing the dishes? Did you notice that maybe you could have used a gentler tone of voice with someone you love? My 5 Experiments are events that occur in everyone’s day- Washing dishes, My Big Mouth (this may not be an issue for you as it is for me), Anger, The Apology, and Change. They affect us and also determine how happy we are.

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment, share an anecdote, tell me what mattered most to you. If you would like to be anonymous, that’s fine too. Let’s not stop realizing how important we are to each other.

Peace, love, and happiness,