It is unbelievable, incredible, and amazing!

My latest article on Lifehack.org- 20 Things To Remember If You Love Someone Who Has ADD- went viral!! It continues to fly through the internet at the speed of light. I still cannot believe that over 1 million people shared what I wrote. The number is even higher counting the people who have read it and not shared it, but those numbers are not in yet.

I have received an outpouring of love, support, and gratitude from all over the world. Mothers have poured their hearts out telling me that because of my article they see their children in a different light. Husbands and wives have told me that they had no idea why their partner can’t remember to pay the bills, pick up the dry cleaning, and pay attention to a conversation, but now they understand. And so many people have thanked me for allowing them the freedom to be themselves.

I used Adam Levine’s picture because he is the new spokesperson for “Own Your ADHD.” I chose it because I liked that phrase (and of course;  Adam is … well, he’s Adam).  That’s why I wrote that article. I want people to own their ADHD. I wanted their loved ones to feel compassion, love, and appreciation in place of anger, impatience, annoyance, judgment, and criticsm.

Yes, we are hard to deal with, but that’s only because people don’t understand what’s going on inside of us.

There are many fabulous advantages to having ADHD. The founder of JetBlue and two other airlines- David Neeleman says, if he had a chance to give up his ADHD and be without it, he never would.  Now, that’s what I call owning it! And he also proudly says, that he has a hard time managing the mundane things in life. “I have an easier time planning a 20-aircraft fleet than I do paying the light bill.”

His personal life is another story. He says,  “My wife can’t always figure out what the heck I’m thinking, and my kids want me to focus on just one thing with them. I find it difficult.” And that’s why I wrote my article. I wanted all the wives, kids, husbands, mothers, fathers, and boyfriends and girlfriends to understand why we can’t pay the light bill and do the “mundane things.”

Deal with the mundane? Forget it! Our minds are busy with the bigger things in life. We see colors, movements, shapes floating through the air that others cannot see. We feel the dancing rhythms beating inside our chests that others cannot feel. We hear sounds that others cannot hear. While other people live on land, we live swimming around the bottom of  the ocean flowing with the waves, grooving on the colors, and discovering the beauty of life. We see beyond the surface. We see what others cannot see.

That’s why we are the creators. Who else would give us music that moves your soul to tears?  Who else would come up with inventions that change peoples’ lives? Who else would envision the impossible? No one! That’s our job.

We live on another level. While others go about their business picking up the dry cleaning and paying bills, we are composing the symphonies for them (Mozart-ADHD). We put art in their museums (Dali, Picasso, VanGogh-ADHD). We write classic stories and poetry that has been taught in every high school for decades (Dickenson, Emerson, Woolf, Yeats Frost-all ADHD). We are part of the group that makes people laugh (Jim Carrey, Robin Williams-ADHD). We can entertain them (Spielberg, Stallone, Hitchcock, Disney, Nicholson-ADHD). The geniuses who create formulas and inventions that change the planet (Einstein, Bell, Edison, and Franklin-yes, ADHD) have the same thought patterns as we do.

I am proud and honored to be in such a gifted group. I agree with David Neeleman, if I could give up my ADHD to make my life easier, I wouldn’t give it up either! I love my ADHD.

I am part of an elite group that brings beauty, sound, color, movement, words, rthym, and the unthinkable into this world. I am in the group that makes the world a better place.

We were born blessed with a special gift. Own it, baby! Love it, live it, enjoy it.

Just find someone else to pay the bills and pick up the dry cleaning.