JuneCrazyPicReally? Calm Your Crazy? That’s the name I chose to define my work? When my branding consultant suggested it, I thought she was crazy. How could I say that? I’m teaching personal excellence and self-help. In her adorable Southern style, she said to me, “I hope you’re not offended by this June, I’m fascinated by what you teach, it sounds wonderful but you don’t sound very calm.” I laughed out loud. She’s right. I teach people how to live a calmer life and how to peace in their relationships. As soon as you meet me and hear me, you too, would never use those adjectives to describe me.

I went along with it because it fits and it’s true. It fits because I’ve finally learned how to calm the crazy noise that has been inside my head and it’s true because if we could all be honest for just a moment (since you’re alone in front of your computer, phone or iPad this is just between you and me)… let’s face it… we all have a little crazy in us. Some of us have a little more than others, some of us talk about it, some of us hide it, some just function better with their internal noise and can quiet their crazy, but I was never one of those. I live out loud (I’m 4’11”- I have to be heard because I’m not always seen), my emotions are everywhere, and whatever I do- I do it excessively and with passion. That’s why I am proof that what I teach, learn, write about and live by actually works. I’ve been testing it on myself and I’ve watched the transformation take place. As others around me have noticed how I have become a better version of myself, they too have responded and become better versions of themselves.


For many years, I’ve been a soul-searcher. Early childhood trauma combined with unbounded passion and a creative mind can make anybody crazy. From early on, I always knew I needed a little something extra to guide me through the blessings and the curses of this combination I call “me.”

I’m an expert from my own experiences, the best type of expert to be. 

When I was studying to become a yoga teacher, I became discouraged with my own physical inflexibility. “How will I ever teach others if I can’t show them what the pose is supposed to look like?” I asked my instructor. With a perfectly Buddhist answer, she replied, “That’s why you will be such a good teacher. You understand how hard it is for the student to achieve each pose. Your compassion will make you a great teacher.”

I know how hard it is to manage my emotions because mine can be unmanageable. I know how hard it is to calm an imaginative mind that has a tendency to travel down the negative road because I have to calm my own. I know how to calm my body when my mind takes it hostage and holds it captive in a state of anxiety for hours. I know how to breathe my way through the rapid heartbeats that come from fear because I am fearful.

I know it because I feel it and I know how to heal it.

I’m not going tell you that I have the solution to every problem and that life is perfect… it is not! All I can say is that there is a better way to manage the daily crazies that come at us- a happier way to calm your crazy when life throws some crazy at you.

I can teach you by sharing my own experiences. I can help you calm your own crazy too.

Thanks for joining me!

With Gratitude,


I hope what I teach makes your day a happier one.

NOTE: Personal excellence is not for everyone. That means it takes work- honestly looking in the mirror in order to self-improve. Daily study and practical applications cause transformation. If you don’t want to transform, simply read and enjoy!

WARNING: Overly compassionate people without healthy boundaries (aka people with co-dependent tendencies), relationship addicts, and victims of abuse (verbal or physical)  PLEASE!!! SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.