Anger is...-2Ok, so now it’s time to calm your crazy life by mastering your emotions. You might be asking exactly how are we are going to do this.

See, my emotions can get a little carried away sometimes. If I don’t grab them before they go whirling out of control like a blown-up untied balloon released into the atmosphere making its way back to earth. If you stick with me, I will share the secrets that I have learned so that you too can master your emotions. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It works. I’m proof.

Think of me as your wise and of course, very cool aunt or the friend you love going for coffee with. We can sit and talk for hours, until someone gives us that “are you still here” look or we forget to put money in the meter because we are so deeply involved in our conversation.

So if you’re like me, if your emotions are controlling you and you feel it’s time for a role reversal- time for you to take control of them- SUBSCRIBE to find out more.