People become-2

How quick do you label someone else’s behavior?
How do you react when someone is not acting the way you want them to?

It’s easy to become annoyed with people. It’s reality. We annoy each other. But what do you do when you’re annoyed with someone? You probably get trapped into “always” thinking- Oh, why do they “always” do that?

Before you know it, you’ve given someone a label that’s stuck in your mind. Those labels are sticky and they last. Labels also damage your relationships because you keep the person boxed in to that behavior. You expect them to act according to the label you’ve given them. Ironically, people do become what you see. The label becomes the only thing you see when you interact with them.

No one wants to be labeled. We all have flaws. Nobody’s perfect.

Happiness comes from learning to live peacefully with your flaws, and improve yourself to become the best you can be.

Make yourself happy today. Don’t label someone you love.

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With gratitude,

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