Never underestimate someone else’s mess. What might seem like a pile of junk to you might very well be of great value to someone else.


For me, a photo in a frame isn’t just a picture; it’s a glance at a memory that triggers a nostalgic emotion of sweeter times hoping that they will return soon. Or it’s a look back at sadder times and appreciating how far away they are now.

A picture is a prayer. It’s an opportunity to glance at my loved one and give them a blessing- or to visualize them in a better place; both- the living and the lost.

What looks like a picture  in a frame to an “organized, neat, everything-in-its-place” type of person is much more than that to me. A picture is a place for my blessings, hopes and dreams to come alive. When my loved ones are struggling through difficult times, a picture is a reminder to stop and take a moment to pray that they benefit from their struggles.


Books are pages of wisdom on thick beige paper that I love to touch. Everything I know and continue to learn is from those pages. Books are sparks of inspiration that set off a wild fire in my mind. Everything I need to know, remember, or have not yet discovered is on those pages.


My paper piles are reference notes that I need near me at all times.

Yes, my paper piles might be stacks of indecision; but they are also reminders of all I want to learn. With my ADHD memory and x-ray vision, I can see through the piles and know what each stack contains. I hope you understand that paper piles are comforting to me.


1. Give me my own separate space.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking- it’s not okay to leave a mess in every room. You’re right. As  a proud person with ADD, I believe in “an organized mess.” One room or one section of a room is all I need. I promise not to let my mess be in your face, I just need to be surrounded by “certain things” that comfort me.

I have narrowed down my pictures to the “most special” ones. Those are framed and remain in front of me always.

2. My books will stay shelved.

My books are on shelves, and when I run out of shelves, I buy more. To someone else, it might look like I’m hoarding; I’m not. I am building a library of wisdom.

3.  When I finish each project, I will put the papers in a binder and store them where I can find them when I need them.

Please don’t insult my mess and tell me that it’s junk. Just respect that I see something you do not see… and I will do the same for you.

It’s not an excuse; it’s an explanation to help us better understand each other, and live together peacefully.

My favorite ADHD Organizing tips:

1. 3 ring binders are the best!

For easy access and quick clean up, buy a 3-ring hole puncher and keep it close. I print a lot and save a lot of papers (there’s just so much great info on the web). This is the best method for me. Print great articles, recipes, and even papers for taxes- then punch holes and put them in a binder and keep them on a shelf.  3 ring binders are efficient, quick, and easy to work with.

2. Desk-top file system:

File drawers are for papers that you never need. I have file boxes on top of my desks, in my office and in my kitchen. This is also the best mail management system. I keep it close to my mail so that I can pop that piece of paper into a file where it is visible, easy to access, and looks great (3 components for an effective organizing system). Check out simplify101.com for more great tips.

Hope you’re enjoying my posts!

with gratitude,