Realizations-COVER-darkWhen I started my Realizations Project, I had no idea where I was going with it. Soon the pieces started to fall into place. Everything came together and then I realized what had happened, I was living in AWARENESS.  When I became aware of what I was doing, when I actually noticed myself in action (even if it was in hindsight), I discovered valuable life lessons. I also felt happier.

And then I realized something else, that’s what I had been doing since I became a student of Mussar… I learned how to live awake and aware. Too often I went through my day without noticing anything. I just reacted, I just spoke, I just washed the dishes. But when I became aware of what I was doing, I learned so much and it allowed me to make a fearless change.The changes I might have previously avoided, I was now able to face. It was a smooth transition.

Change scares lots of people, including me.  But the only way life becomes better is through change. Often the way I act doesn’t work so well for me. I’ve got to make a change but first I have to realize that I need to change.

TODAY: Take time to become aware of at least one behavior that you do. Notice yourself in action and see if you can find a realization in it.